Pre-immigration Tax & Estate Planning

It is only natural that ST Law would provide a comprehensive service to immigration clients across the board. Some of ST Law’s clients are transitioning to a life in the United States or are considered cross-border immigrants who have United States domicile. Such a circumstance also warrants a review of the tax and estate planning implications that come along with having domicile in the United States. ST Law represents clients with a wide range of pre-immigration tax and estate planning issues. Failure to ensure compliance with tax laws in the United States or to ensure your estate plan is up to date and in line with Florida law, can come with some hefty consequences. I will provide legal counsel that provides you with effective solutions and cost-savings. So have you reviewed your Tax and Estate Plan? Make sure you do. I’m also a trained tax attorney who has honed my skill towards immigration issues, I am a stickler for making sure your plans are in complete compliance of United States law.

As I review your estate plans and tax issues, I will keep your goals in mind and prepare a comprehensive plan for your Florida estate. I look forward to providing you and your Florida loved ones with the peace of mind you deserve and need with ST Law Office, PLLC’s Pre-immigration Tax and Estate Planning services.
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