General Counsel Service


Hiring new staff? Sponsoring a United States non-citizen to work for your business? Need to ensure I-9 compliance? These are some issues that businesses grapple with regularly. ST Law’s General Counsel Service is specifically designed to cater to these needs. For a monthly retainer, I will dedicate a number of hours monthly to address your business immigration needs in an efficient and value driven way. I will be available to answer any of your legal immigration questions and ensure your immigration compliance. Here is a checklist of what you get. For a flat fee monthly retainer you get to grow your business and stay ahead of legal immigration issues and problems.

  • Weekly prescheduled phone conferences with the Attorney for Check-in and a weekly consultation.
  • Dedicated hours of work per month at a flat fee rate.
  • Legal research costs.
  • Discounted Attorney rate over the allocated hours.

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