Happy New Year! A Note to You!

I wanted to send you a reflective note wishing you a Happy New Year! This is a great time of year to reflect on ST Law’s achievements in the past year and reflect on our aspirations for the future. Now is also the perfect time to let you know that your goals matter to me in a big way. I understand that your immigration issue or application is a major concern for you. This drives me to work harder for you. After all, my livelihood thrives on your immigration success story.
What does your immigration success mean to me? It means you’ve obtained your legal status. It means you’ve achieved your American Dream. It means you’ve become unified with your loved ones. It means you’ve received the status necessary to open your own business in the U.S. or to get the job or the education you desire. These are successes that I’ve walked my clients through. On the way to these successes, I’ve not only given attention to the big details but to the small details. On the journey, I’ve gotten to know each client, making their journey to success as comfortable as possible.
While I usually manage every aspect of the immigration applications and cases in a big way, it is also the small things that mattered to my wonderful clients. For instance:
  • I did the heavy lifting throughout my client’s naturalization case. I prepared the application, prepped her for the exam and interview, advocated every step of the way to create the best conditions for her success. Yet still, giving her an encouraging hug right before her naturalization interview gave her the boost she needed to go in, pass the exam and excel in her interview.
  • I worked hard on my client’s marriage based adjustment of status application. Yet still when it came down to the final interview, that reassuring smile that I have my nervous clients (a married couple) during the interview made them comfortable enough to answer those very personal questions about their marriage.
  • I worked hard on a family based green card application — a daughter was sponsoring her mother for permanent residence. Her mother lived abroad and so I had to coordinate and advocate to ensure everything went well at the U.S embassy. Yet still my pep talk to the client gave her the courage to successfully complete her interview at the embassy.
  • I vigorously defended my client in deportation proceedings. I did the extensive legal research, drafted the brief and gathered the evidence necessary to prove his defense. Yet still, my pointed pat on the back of my client during his deportation hearing was enough to let him know he was going to be okay.

Most importantly, behind the hug, the smile, the pep talk and the pat on the back was my big confidence that I would go to bat for my clients and guide them to the best outcome in their immigration matters.

Don’t get me wrong. This past year has been challenging. Immigration policies have bounced around like a ping pong ball, which has created a lot of uncertainty for some of my clients. However, these challenges have only made me fight harder. Despite these challenges, my clients know that I am the best person to take it head on. I’m not afraid to take on seemingly impossible cases. It’s paid off too. I’ve had exhilarating successes. Like the time I got an approval for one client who was denied U.S. Citizenship twice over a 15 year period. He was told he could never become a U.S. citizen. It was not until he came to me for help that he knew I would get the job done and make his impossible, possible. I’ve had other great successes. I am closing 2019 and this decade, knowing my actions as an attorney have made significant differences in the lives of my clients.
  • Immigrant spouses are now living with permanent resident status in the United States with their U.S. spouses.
  • Families are united in the United States, all with legal status.
  • Clients have become United States citizens, which is the ultimate achievement.
Do you want to know the best part? My successful immigrant clients have the legal status that they need to make 2020 a great year.
That is what makes my firm stand out. The hug, the smile and the pat on the back stands for how much I care for each client. I’ve spent the time necessary to understand my clients, to understand their stories and effectively advocate for them. That is why I have had these successes. Here’s what makes me a great immigration attorney:
  • I advise my clients in detail about the best course of action to take to gain legal status in the United States.
  • I advocate for approval, despite any complicated issues such as unlawful presence, or criminal issues.
  • I understand client goals and listen to their story in order to effectively prepare the briefing or the application.
  • I am there every step of the way for my clients to prevent them from making devastating immigration mistakes.
  • I aggressively and persistently communicate with the immigration service as needed to get my clients heard.
My purpose is to help my clients get to the other side of their immigration issue or application. For most of my clients this year, I have succeeded. I hope in 2020, I can give you that hug, that smile, that pep talk or that pat on the back on our journey to your immigration success. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call 561.405.4889 or contact my office to schedule your consultation.
Sharifa Tharpe, Esq.

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