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“…Miss Shariffa was on top of her game…The communication was perfect. She did her best to make sure I was not gonna be deported and she know what she is doing.Plus she is very professional…I am blessed to work with her. I recommended my friends and people to contact ST law office (Shariffa) for their immigration issues.”
– Client (Deportation Defense)

“I want to say that my experience with Miss Tharpe was very satisfying. She did a very good job with my case she was always a phone call away from any questions that I had and always made sure I understood every process that we were doing. I am very satisfied with her expertise with immigration laws. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone that’s looking for an immigration lawyer with five Stars. I’m very satisfied with her service.”
– Client (Consular Processing, Venezuela)

ST Law Office, PLLC is a Florida based law firm that provides Immigration legal services. I am proud to say that my firm has developed collaborative relationships with business and individual clients to achieve the best outcome in their immigration matter. Here is what makes ST Law Office, PLLC stand out:


ST Law provides a superb solutions-oriented service while keeping the cost of my value-driven service predictable. Once my clients retain my services, they have the option of a flat fee retainer. General counsel clients pay one monthly fee to maintain my regular legal service and consultations on a weekly basis for services such as employment-based immigration matters and immigration compliance. Whether you are an individual client or a business client, I stay on standby for any question you may have about your immigration case.


No matter your legal issue, I provide reliable counsel that helps you make an informed and empowered legal decision, whether in your business or in your personal life such as a family based immigration matter. For example, I help clients prepare a persuasive and compelling immigration application and then also review their estate plan to make sure it is still suited for their new future life in the United States. My practice is designed to address the holistic needs of my immigration clients as they move through their immigration journey to the United States. For this reason, my practice is narrowly tailored to three areas of immigration law:

  • Immigration Compliance for Business
  • Pre-immigration Tax & Estate Planning
  • Employment & Family Based Immigration Law

Rest assured I treat every case with the attention and care it deserves. In this way, your legal rights will be protected and addressed in a way that maximizes results.


I also offer virtual legal services for my immigration clients, in addition to traditional legal services. I get it. It’s hard to fit in the regular appointment with your attorney when you are busy running your business and managing your family priorities. At ST Law, I commit to resolving your legal needs in a way that is accessible, convenient and solution-oriented. I have tailored my firm so you can communicate with me through a custom virtual portal or schedule an appointment and talk to me from anywhere. So if you want to grab your cup of coffee and chill in your PJs before jumping on a call with me to talk about your immigration needs, GUESS WHAT! You can!


As legal counsel, I proactively collaborate with my clients through my Business Immigration General Counsel subscription service. By providing this service I get involved in my Clients’ day to day legal needs to avoid the development of legal problems and to allow my clients to stick to what they do best, finding the passion in running and growing their business without getting lost in the legal immigration sludge. Communication and collaboration are essential. I maintain prescheduled weekly phone conferences with clients just to say “hi”, to check-in and to make sure they stay ahead of their legal concerns, and potential legal problems and headaches in regards to immigration matters.